The Magnepan 1.6 was considered by many to be the ulitmate buy (bargain) in high end audio. There is a lot of truth to that. The 1.6 was a very popular model for Magnepan in its over-a-decade run. The 1.6 gave people an opportunity to get closer to the 3.6 for not much more than MG-12 price. The 1.6 would outperform many dynamic speakers listing for twice the price. Magnepan had to make an incredible speaker to replace the (what has become and will be a legend) 1.6's. And they have.

Welcome to the new 1.7. Looking at the new 1.7's, you might think there is very little difference from the 1.6. There is a rounded edge of aluminum where a small strip of wood used to be. They are of similar height and stature. The visual difference is basically a slight modernization of the previous model. This is good, as both 1.6 and 1.7 are large enough to be impressive, but small enough to avoid being obnoxious. The slim design (other than serve a sonic purpose) doesn't feel like you are adding a pair of bookshelves to your living room. So, it looks similar, but the real difference is in the 'test drive'.

What makes the 1.7 important, is that EVERY driver in it (Tweeter panel, tweeter/upper mid panel and lower mid-bass panel) incorporates a quasi ribbon design. All other Magnepan speakers only use a quasi-ribbon and true ribbon in the tweeter element of the speakers. The crossover has also been completely redesigned. The aluminum we menioned earlier is now part of the chassis, along with MDF, which makes for a stiffer frame over the previous wooden version. This combination results in a sense that each part of the speaker is working together, rather than independent parts making sound. As we all know, its the attention to detail that sets speakers like Magnepan apart, other than the obvious unique design and construction. We would like to invite you to take a 'test drive' of the 1.7's for yourself. See and listen to what we are excited about with its new release, and find out why the 1.7 was such a groundbreaking success at this year's CES show.

We have some brand new equipment from Magnepan that will certainly give you a musical experience you haven't had before. Feel free to come to our store to listen to these amazing products.

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