Naim Audio

Naim Audio Equipment is engineered differently than any other kind of audio equipment, and the results show Naim's success to dare to be different. Naim Audio builds equipment like racecars are built - the intention is to perform, nothing more.

Eliminating interferences that can cause audible degradation (such as a motor assembly for the platter drawer on a CD player) or eliminating the use poor connections of RCA plugs are just part of what makes Naim Audio a top choice of audio experts and musicians.

And what about cables? Choosing the proper cable for a system can be maddening. Naim Audio takes the guesswork away, but manufacturing and engineering the PROPER cable compatible for the audio components. Interconnects are a 1-cable system with a solid, locking 5-pin Din connector. Speaker cables are a parallel run high-grade copper with simple Naim Amplifier connectors. Naim Audio even builds their custom high-grade Powerstrips and Power Cords. "No variables" means that each Naim Audio system is certain to meet its engineered audible specifications and exceed your expectations.

Audible Elegance is one of Naim Audio's oldest and most knowledgeable dealers in the country. Naim's "entry-level" system features a Nait 5i Integrated amplifier and a CD5i CD player. Paired with speakers such as Thiel CS 1.6 is an explosive system for a reasonable price. For the serious Hi-Fi enthusiast, our other Naim Audio System features NAC-282 Preamplifier, CD5x CD player, NAP-200 Power Amplifier and Flatcap2 and Hi-Cap2 outboard power supplies. Of course we haven't left out a Naim Audio High End Theater system, with the AV2 Processor and DVD5 DVD player.

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