Arcam rDac and rDac KW

DACs are a very fast growing part of the hi-fi industry, for good reason. This is Arcam's new toy, the rDac. And let us tell you, this thing is incredible! Price for performance is simply astonishing.

What is a DAC? Basically, anything that plays digital music has to convert that digital code into an analog signal. This is the sole purpose of the DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). iPods, computers, CD players all have DACs. However, much like speakers or any other A/V gear, it is obvious there is a performance difference between models. The same goes with DACs. The DAC in your iPod (while may be alright for it's size and price) will not provide the quality or musical fidelity even close to a good external DAC.

What makes the rDac special? The "best" DACs use Asynchronus USB technology. This technology is designed to significantly reduce jitter. The Arcam rDAC is the latest, and among the most reasonably priced DAC to do so. We believe in the performance so much that we are now using the rDac with an Apple Powerbook on our reference system with McIntosh components and Wilson speakers. The simple combination of iTunes (Apple Lossless music files) and the rDac will out-perform CD players that cost in the multiple-thousands of dollars.

...And it gets better. Is your computer in a completely different room than your stereo system? No problem. The Arcam rDac-KW is available. The KW is the same as the standard rDac with wireless capability. We know what you're thinking: "Are you REALLY promoting a wireless music stream?" Yes. Because it works, very very well. The r-Wave is a USB wireless transmitter that connects to your USB input on your computer. The transmitter sends the digital signal to the rDac within a distance of 30 meters! This works because the signal is still digital until it reaches the rDac. The r-Dac KW does all of the difficult decoding, and you are listening to flaw-free music on your stereo system. Want to have the same function and convenience with an iPod? The r-Wand takes care of that. The r-Wand plugs into the bottom of your iPod and transmits to the rDac KW. The range is 10m, a bit shorter to conserve the battery life of your iPod. However, you can use the iPod as a remote and a source at the same time! How cool.

The r-Wand and r-Wave retail for $99.95 each. When purchased in conjunction with an rDac KW, the price of the r-Wand or r-Wave is reduced by 50 percent.

People always ask the "audio shop guys" what we have, what we want, what's in our dream system. This is in all of our dream systems. With such a reasonable price, it'll likely make it to our actual systems, and hopefully yours as well. Come in and see and hear for yourself.

photos courtesy of Arcam

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