Beyerdynamic makes a quality pair of headphones for just about anybody or any 
application. Beyerdynamic has the Audiophile grade Premium line along with the Tesla Series (Reference Models). The trend line retains audio quality with improved mobility for more active applications. Earbuds have a nice representation from Beyerdynamics with several varieties. Beyerdynamic also has a full range of gaming headsets, amplifiers and accessories. For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Beyerdynamic's official website.

Beyerdynamic Model Listing
Tesla Line Premium Line
T1 DT 440
T5 P DT 660
T70 DT 860
T70 P DT 880
T50 P DT 990
Trend Line Multi-Media, Gaming, Cell Phone
DT 131 MMX2
DT 235 MMX 41 iE
DTX 35 MMX 101 iE
DTX 11 iE MMX 300
DTX 21 iE  
DTX 41 iE Accessories
DTX 71 iE Headset Bag
DTX 101 iE Headphone Case
DTX 300P EDT 131 T Ear Cusions
DTX 710 EDT 231 V Ear Cusions
DTX 910 EDT 5P LB Ear Cusions
  EDT 50P Ear Cusions
Headzone EDT 440 F Ear Cusions
Headzone Game EDT 440 V Ear Cusions
Headzone Home EDT 660 V Ear Cusions
Headzone Home HT EDT 700 V Ear Cusions
Headzone Base Station EDT 770 VB Ear Cusions
A1 Headphone Amplifier EDT 770 V Ear Cusions
  EDT 770 S Ear Cusions
  EDT 990 VB Ear Cusions
  EDT 990 S Ear Cusions
  EDT 990 V Ear Cusions
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