You can match a Benz Micro to any turntable to vastly improve your analog setup. The current models allow faster response time and better tracking due to the reduction of the mass of the Swiss hand wound coil. Higher output on the MC Gold and MC Silver is increased with magnet strength and size. All styli are hand mounted at the Benz Micro factory, side bonded to the laser trimmed edge of a solid boron cantilever for ultra-low tip mass. This kind of engineering precision by Benz Micro will reflect the precision sound the cartrdiges will help your turntable achieve.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Benz Micro's official website.

Phono Cartridges Phono Stage
LP S-Class T9 Lukaschek PP-1 Phono Stage
Ruby ZH  
Ruby Z  
Ebony H  
Ebony L  
Ebony TR  
SLR Gullwing  
SHR Gullwing  
Ref S Copper  
Wood S High  
Wood S Medium  
Glider S High  
Glider S Medium  
Glider S Low  
Ace S High  
Ace S Medium  
Ace S Low  
MC Gold  
MC Silver  
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