Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio is a wonderful manufacturer of audio components. Cambridge Audio has an outstanding collection of source equipment. Cambridge Audio's CD players offer legendary performance, and classic good looks. Cambridge's Integrated Amplifiers give any listenter excellent 2 channel fidelity at a very affordable price.

Our new favorite piece by Cambridge Audio is the DAC Magic D to A Converter. This is an outstanding piece that converts signal from your iPod® or Computer (via USB or Digital Input) to Audiophile grade quality to the rest of your system. (Highest Quality digital files strongly reccomended for best results). The DAC Magic has balanced and unbalanced outputs.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Cambridge Audio's official website.

Amplifiers Blu-ray & DVD Players
Azur 840W Power Amplifier Azur 650BD Blu-ray Universal Player
Azur 840E Preamplifier DVD99 HDMI DVD-Audio SACD
Azur 840A Integrated Amplifier  
Azur 740A Integrated Amplifier Phono Preamplifiers
Azur 650A Integrated Amplifier Azur 640P Phono Stage
Azur 550A Integrated Amplifier Azur 540P Phono Stage
Azur 350A Integrated Amplifier  
CD Players DACs
Azur 840C Upsampling CD Player DacMagic
Azur 740C Upsampling CD Player  
Azur 650C CD Player iPod Dock
Azur 550C CD Player iD100 for iPad and iPhone
Azur 350C CD Player iD50 Premium Docking Station
Topaz CD10 CD Player iD10 for iPod Docking Station
650T SIRIUS Ready / FM / AM  
Azur 550T FM / AM RDS Tuner  
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