Clearaudio manufactures a complete line of unique turntables, tonearms, cartridges, phono stages, and interconnect cables. Clearaudio products, based in Germany, are ultra-precise resulting in extremely high quality analog equipment. The Emotion Series Turntable is one of the best value turntables in the high-end market. The separate motor housing on the Emotion is molded under 100 tons of pressure. The platter, base plate and belt drive are all very high quality with maintenence free bearings. The Emotion comes with the Satisfy Tonearm. The base is also now available in four colors: Satin Clear, Black, Blue and Red. The Clearaudio product line goes into the depths of extensive high-end quality with many models in between. The Performance, and Innovation Wood Turntables take Vinyl listening even farther. And we can guarantee you've never seen or heard anything like the Clearaudio Statement.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Clearaudio's official website.

Turntables Cartridges
Concept Concept MM
Performance SE Concept MC
Innovation Wood Compact Aurum Classic
Innovation Wood Aurum Alpha
Statement Aurum Beta
  Aurum Beta S
Phono Preamplifiers Maestro Wood
Nano Phono Talismann V2
Smart Phono Concerto V2
Basic Plus Stradivari V2
Balance plus Da Vinci V2
Balanced Reference Phono Titanium V2
  Goldfinger V2
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