Control 4

Imagine being able to control your entire environment with one remote or control system. This is what Control 4 can do. Simple, affordable control of music systems, home theater systems lights, temperature, security system from anywhere in your home or the rest of the world. Every Control 4 system can be controlled from anywhere via fee-free internet.

A touch screen panel can control your entire home theater with one touch. Multiple Zones of music from any source (computer, stereo system, mp3 player) can be played and controlled in any room from any room. Smart lighting, advanced temperature control and safety and security control round out some more of Control 4's endless features. Customize your Control 4 system to customize your home.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Control 4's official website.

Mobile Interfaces
Control4 MyHome-PC / Tablet InfinityEdge Touch Screen
Control4 MyHome-iPad 7" Table Touch Screen
Control4 MyHome-iPhone 7" Portable Touch Screen
Controllers Lighting
HC-200 Wireless Dimmer
HC-300 Wireless Switch
HC-1000 Outlet Dimmer
IO Extender Outlet Switch
  Wireless ELV Dimmer - 120V
  Wireless ELV Dimmer - 240V
  Fireplace Switch
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