Elac has been in the technology of sound for nearly 100 years. From developing sonar technology in the 1920's Elac has been progressing through the years by making elite turntables and innovating the speaker industry with advances like the JET tweeter.

Elac incorporates advanced technology, uncompromising build quality and European design into a beautiful sounding range of speakers and electronics. Style, performance, craftsmanship and a stellar reputation at an affordable price. Come see Elac's products in our Cincinnati, Ohio showroom.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Elac's official website.

Speakers Subwoofers
Adante AF-61 Floorstanding Adante ASW-121
Adante AS-61 Stand Mount

Debut S12EQ

Debut F6 Debut S10EQ  
Debut F5 Debut S10
Debut B6 Line 2000 Sub 2090 
Debut B5 Line 2000 Sub 2070
Debut B4 Line 2000 Sub 2050
Debut A4 Line 2000 Sub 2030
Uni-Fi UF5  
Uni-Fi UB5 Center Channels
Uni-Fi FS U5 Slim Adante AC-61
Uni-Fi BS U5 Slim Debut C5
Line 240.3 FS 249.3 Uni-Fi UC5
Line 240.3 FS 247.3 Uni-Fi CC U5 Slim
Line 240.3 BS 244.3 Line 240.3 CC 241.3
Line 240.3 BS 243.3 Line 400 CC 400
Line 260 FS 267 Line 500 CC 501 VX-Jet
Line 260 BS 263  
Line 300 BS 302 Cinema Systems
Line 300 BS 312 Cinema 30 Set
Line 400 FS 409 Cinema 10 Set
Line 400 FS 407 Cinema 2 SAT
Line 400 BS 403  
Line 500 FS 509 VX-Jet Electronics
Line 500 FS 507 VX-Jet Alchemy DDP-1
Concentro Alchemy DMP-1
Air-X 409 Alchemy DPA-1
Air-X 407 Alchemy DPA-1M
Air-X 403 Alchemy PPA-1
TS 3030 Alchemy PS-5
4 PI Tweeter Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server
  EA Series EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier
Custom Installation Air-X Base
IC-D61-W In Ceiling  

IC 1005

IC 1010 Jet Dispersion Control
IW-D61-W In-Wall Vario Bass Control
IW-D51-W In-Wall Center Channel Bass Control
WS 1665 M8 Ulitimate Spike Set
WS 1645 14 MM M8  Spike Set
WS 1465 Care and Polishing Kit
WS 1445 LS 30 Stands
WS 1425 LS Cinema Stands
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