What makes a product better than its competition are the many subtle differences that add up to a major improvement. In the mid-price segment, there is a common problem of speakers offering very little originality and even worse, less than impressive performance. Focal has stepped out from the crowd of speakers that often share mass  produced components and cabinets. Focal was known as a speaker driver manufacturer (for high end brands such as Wilson). They have taken their drivers, and built a wonderful product line incorporating their thoughtfully designed cabinets.

The 800V series (806V, 807V, 816V, 826V, 836V) and 700V series (705V, 706V, 714V, 716V, 726V) all have tapered cabinets, Focal drivers and aluminium-magnesium inverted dome tweeters. The tapered cabinets not only look original, but the non-parallel walls break up standing waves, increase rigidity and improve sound wave diffraction. Today's typical speaker type is tall and slim, which was detrimental to bass performance of the past; with shorter,wider cabinets. The V-design of Focal's cabinet, along with a Powerflow system (combines front and down firing reflex ports) greatly improve bass performance. Come in and see why Focal has taken over as our best selling speaker brand.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Focal's official website, or consult the USA distributor's website.


Floorstanding Loudspeakers Bookshelf Loudspeakers
Chorus 714V Chorus 705V
Chorus 716V Chorus 706V
Chorus 726V Chorus 806V
Chorus 816V Chorus 807V
Chorus 826V Profile 908
Chorus 836V Electra 1008 Be
Profile 918 Diablo Utopia
Electra 1028 Be  
Electra 1038 Be Design & Compact Series
Scala Utopia Sib
Maestro Utopia Sib XL
Stella Utopia EM Dome Satellite
Grande Utopia EM  
Center Channel Loudspeakers Subwoofers
Sib Cub 2
Sib XL Dome Subwoofer
Chorus CC 700 V Profile SW908
Chorus CC 800 V  
Profile CC908  
Electra CC 1008 Be  
Viva Utopia  
Surround Loudspeakers In-Wall Loudspeakers
Sib Chorus IW 706V
Sib XL Electra IW 1002
Chorus SR 700 V Electra IW 1002 BE
Chorus SR 800 V Electra IW 1003 BE
Profile SR908  
Electra SR 1000 Be  
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