Goldenear offers something that just about everyone should want. A great pair of
Hi-Fi speakers that sound excellent, with a small footprint, and modern aesthetics?
The Triton Two Speakers fit the bill perfectly. Some want speakers that can disappear visually while entertain musically. Most small speakers fail in terms of performance when the size is reduced, but not the SuperSat series. Combine the SuperSat speakers with the Triton Two + speakers, add a center channel (SuperSat 50 C) and you have a complete home theater speaker system... without having to find a place for the awkward subwoofer, because it's built in to the front speakers! So, aesthetics and performance are covered, so it must be incredibly expensive, right? Wrong. Goldenear's value is just as incredible as their performance and good looks. Goldenear is worthy of admiration for the eyes, ears and wallet... A combination that is (used to be) impossible to find.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Goldenear's official website.

Tower/Floorstanding Speakers Home Theater System with Tower/Floorstanding Speakers
Triton One Triton Cinema Two
Triton Two + Triton Cinema Three
Triton Three +  
Triton Five Subwoofers
Triton Seven ForceField 5
  ForceField 4
Satellite Speakers ForceField 3
Supersat 60 Supersub XXL
Supersat 60 C - Center Channel  
Supersat 50 Bookshelf Speakers
Supersat 50 C - Center Channel Aon 3
Supersat 3 Aon 2
Supersat 3 C - Center Channel  

SuperCenter X

Inwall Speakers
SuperCenter XL Invissa 650
SuperCenter XXL Invissa 525
  Invissa 652
Home Theater System with Satellite Speakers Invissa HTR 7000
SuperCinema 3D Array X Invisa MPX
SuperCinema 3D Array XL  
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