Magnepan is a small, yet remarkable company that builds incredible speakers. Magnepan has been designing and building full-range ribbon and planar speakers in the USA for over 40 years. You will notice that Magnepan speakers are tall, and about as wide as a human, hand have very little depth. The Magneplanar design is to eliminate a speaker design as a "box on the floor" so the music has a live, realistic presence instead of sounding like it's coming out of a "box on the floor". The idea makes perfect sense, and the execution is the proof that the idea works... very well. Very few speakers can deliver such a realistic high resolution presence like Magnepan. Come listen to the instant classic Model 1.7 with a full quasi-ribbon design. The new 3.7 is an astonishing hit as well, as Magnepan's incredible models only keep getting better.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Magnepan's official website.

Magnepan Model Listing
Loudspeakers Center Channel Speakers
20.7 CCR
3.7 CC5
1.7 CC Speaker Stand
Wall Mount Speakers Woofer
MMC2 (Motorized) DW-1
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