Magnum Dynalab

Magnum-Dynalab is THE name in high-end audio reception and stereo tuners. With standard broadcast signals like FM and AM having new competition like satellite radio
iPods and streaming internet radio, Magnum-Dynalabs products have become the staple of audiophiles whom prefer the analog signals, Magnum-Dynalab has taken  considerable investments in taking digital sources where they have already taken analog sources. The new XM Satellite radios MD-609T and MD-606T will prove that even in the digital domain, quality still makes a huge difference. Not leaving the analog purists behind Magnum-Dynalab is still creating fantastic tuners like the MD 102, MD 100 and MD 90, all available in Solid state and Triode Designs. The most impressive is the MD 109, which introduces the "World Source Platform". The MD 109 is not only the best performing FM Tuner to date, but also uses the "World Source Platform" to accomodate digital audio from CD Players, Satellite Radio, DVD and Internet sources.

To enchance reception quality, there is no shortage of antennas like the ST-2 which can accomodate almost any living space.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Magnum Dynalab's official website.

World Source Platform Receivers & Integrated
MD-109 MD-309
Triode Tube Tuners Antennas
MD-109 ST-2
MD-108T SR-100
MD-107 MD-6
MD-105T MD-10
MD-100T MD-205
Solid State Tuners XM Satellite Radios
MD-105 MD-609T
MD-100 MD-606T
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