Martin Logan

At first glance, you will notice that Martin Logan is not your typical speaker design. Martin Logan uses electrostatic technology, a tall see-through aluminum panel is actually the mid-range and tweeter section of the design. An electrically charged panel vibrates back and forth, very quickly, and pushes the music. The result inthe sound of the speaker is remarkably detailed, crisp and extremely fast. Most models, like Purity, Spire, Vantage and Vista incorporate the electrostatic panel along with a built in dynamic bass driver. Martin Logan is even offering a 25th Anniversary Limited Edition speaker, the CLX.

Martin Logan is also the design genius behind the Voyage, Passage and Ticket In-wall Speakers. The Voyage and Passage have a rotating tweeter to accomodate alternative positioning for home theater applications (a solution to a major drawback of using in-walls in a theater).

Martin Logan currently offers beautiful finishes, now including optional exotic woods, Bird's Eye Maple, Wenge and Bubinga as well as a Clear Anodized Aluminum Metal Finish.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Martin Logan's official website.

Martin Logan Model Listing
Electrostatic Loudspeakers Center Channel Speakers
Neolith Stage X
CLX Art Motif X
Summit X CC Speaker Stand
Ethos Surround
Theos Electromotion FX2
Electromotion Subwoofers
  Balanced Force 212
Motion Series Speakers Balanced Force 210
Motion 60XT Dynamo 1500X
Motion 40 Dynamo 1000w
Motion 20 Dynamo 700w
Motion Vision Soundbar Dynamo 500
Motion SLM XL Dynamo 300
Motion SLM SWT-2 Wireless Subwoofer kit
Motion 35XT PBK Perfect Bass Kit
Motion 15  
Motion 50XT Center Wireless Systems
Motion 30 Center Crescendo
Motion 4  
Motion 2 Architectural Series
Motion 8 Center Edge
Motion 6 Center Axis
Motion FX Surround Vanquish
  ElectroMotion R
Headphones Electromotion IW
Mikros 70 Electromotion IC
Mikros 90 Helos 22
  Helos 12
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