Nordost is known for their flat ribbon cable appearance. But more importantly, those whom have used or listened to audio using Nordost cables know them for their performance. Even at the entry level of Nordost, you will be miles ahead of most other audio cables. Build quality is beyond exceptional. The listed items are available for
purchase, custom installation, or special order from Audible Elegance.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Nordost's official website.


Nordost Model Listing
Analog Interconnects Speaker Cables
Odin Odin
Valhalla 2 Valhalla 2
Valhalla Valhalla
Tyr 2 Tyr 2
Frey 2 Frey 2
Heimdall 2 Heimdall 2
Red Dawn Red Dawn
Blue Heaven Blue Heaven
Purple Flare Purple Flare
White Lightning White Lightning
Bass-Line (Subwoofer Cable)  
Digital Interconnects Power Cords
Odin 110 Ohm XLR or 75 Ohm RCA Odin
Valhalla 2 110 Ohm XLR or 75 Ohm RCA Valhalla 2
Valhalla 110 Ohm XLR or 75 Ohm RCA Valhalla
Heimdall 2 110 Ohm XLR or 75 Ohm RCA Frey 2
Blue Heaven 75 Ohm RCA Heimdall 2
  Red Dawn
HDMI Blue Heaven
Blue Heaven Purple Flare
USB Power Purifier
Blue Heaven QRT Qx4
  QRT Qx2
Bi-Wire Jumpers QRT Qb8
Valhalla 2 QRT Qb4
Norse 2 QRT Qv2
Isolation Tonearm Cable
Sort Kones Odin
Sort Fut Valhalla 2
Custom Installation Speaker Wire Frey 2
2 Flat Heimdall 2
4 Flat Blue Heaven
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