Nothing sounds quite like a great tube amplifier. In the unending quest to find audible perfection that mirrors the musicians playing in the room for you, vacuum tube components is about as close as it gets. Usually described as feeling very "warm" and "lifelike", the vacuum tube is usually reserved as a "reference" item, that usually has an equally exotic price tag. With the addition of the PrimaLuna line, you can now have a state of the art tube component that is on par with most reasonably priced solid state components. All of the added maintanance associated with tubes is long gone too, thanks to PrimaLuna's adaptive auto-bias. This truly is a plug and play system without having to set the bias, accepts many types of different tubes for your own personal preference, and distortion reducing through the entive volume range.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit PrimaLuna's official website.

PrimaLuna Model Listing
Amplifiers Preamplifiers
ProLogue Four ProLogue Three
ProLogue Five ProLogue Premium
ProLogue Six (Monoblock) DiaLogue Three
ProLogue Seven (Monoblock)  
ProLogue Premium (Stereo) Integrated Amplifiers
ProLogue Premium (Monoblock) ProLogue Classic
DiaLogue Four ProLogue Two
DiaLogue Five ProLogue Premium
DiaLogue Six (Monoblock) DiaLogue One
DiaLogue Seven (Monoblock) DiaLogue Two
CD Players  
Prologue Classic  
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