Rogue Audio

When you first experience a Rogue Audio amplifier, it is immediately evident that you are in the presence of a well-designed, high performance and exceptionally engineered piece of audiophile-worthy equipment. Behind the anodized aluminum machined faceplate is a stout corrosion and scratch resistant chassis that houses ultra-high tolerance components, two-ounce copper circuit boards, silver plated switches and superior electronic components. All of this of course adds up to an incredible sonic performance that will deliver clarity, musical rhythm and power in spades.
Rogue Audio is a talented team of passionate designers, engineers and audio enthusiasts that are dedicated to deliver a high quality, reliable tube amplifier at an exceptional value.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Rogue's official website.

Integrated Amplifiers Stereo Amplifiers
Pharaoh Stereo 100
Cronus Magnum II Atlas Magnum II
Sphinx Medusa
Preamplifiers Monoblock Amplifiers
RP-1 Apollo
RP-5 Apollo "Dark"
RP-7 M-180's
Headphone Amplifier Phono Amplifiers
RH-5 Ares
  Ares Magnum
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