Stereo Stone

Being able to take quality musical sound to the outdoors is a desire of many homeowners. Being able to have the luxury of weather proof and hidden speakers is another great accomplishment Stereostone has brought to their outdoor products. Rock and Planter shaped speakers by Stereostone provide great, realistic natrual rock looks, with high quality musical sound. Perfect for pool-side or porch-side listening, Stereostone speakers will hide brilliantly with any landscaping, yard, or environment. An abundance of rock or Planter styles make Stereostone perfect for any geographical landscape. Classic, Stealth, Yosemite and Gibraltar Stone among the rest will offer music for your gatherings or relaxation year-round. If music is not enough, Stereostone even offers Subwoofers, Surround Speakers and even Rock-like Palos Verdes Inwall speakers.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Stereostone's official website.

Stereo Models Small Rocks
Stereo Stone Sierra Stone
River Rock Omni Stealth Sierra Stealth
River Rock Omni Classic Stealth
Stereo Rock Stealth Classic Stone
Stereo Rock River Rock Stealth
Gibraltar Stereo DVC River Rock
Stereo Rock Jr. Palos Verde In-Wall
Large Rocks Sub Rocks
Gibralter Rock Gibralter Sub Stealth
Gibralter Stealth Gibralter Sub
Omni Stone Stereo Sub Rock Stealth
Yosemite Stealth Stereo Sub Rock
Yosemite Rock  
Planters & Fountains DaVinci Series
Omni Planter Cinema Rock
Planter Speaker Cinema Rock 6.5
Fountain Speaker  
Stereo Fountain  
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