All audio cables act as complex passive filters with elements of capacitance, 
inductance and resistance. This is why you cannot put just any decent speaker 
cable on yourequipment  and expect good results. This is why audio specialists 
like manufacturers, designers, critics and even Audible Elegance spends hours 
and hours matching components speakers and cables in different configurations. 
Straightwire has been an extremely reliable source of Speaker Cables, Video Cables 
and Interconnects for nearly two decades. Most Straightwire products are made and 
assembled by skilled craftsmen in  USA, with a lifetime limited warranty, and top 
of the line performance at all price levels. 

Upgrading your cables is the easiest and most cost effective upgrade you can apply
to your system. You will instantly hear tighter bass, smoother highs and clearer

Replace those standard box cables and generic speaker cables with Chorus, Stage,  
Quartet or Symphony II. Improve your setup from mid-level to high-end with Encore II, 
Rhapsody S or Maestro II. Hit the top of the line with Serenede, Virtuoso H, 
Crecendo II.
For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit
Straightwire's official website.

Straightwire Model Listing  
Audio Inteconnects Digital Audio
Musicable II I-Link
Chorus AG S-Link
Symphony II DATA-Link
Encore II INFO-Link
Rhapsody S STX (optical)
Serenade II Toslink (optical)
Expressivo USB-Link (USB)
Virtuoso R  
Crescendo II  
Speaker Cables Video & HDMI
Musicable Silver 3
Chorus II Ghost Buster
Soundstage Image-Link
Symphony Silver-Link II
Octave II DATA-Link
Rhapsody S INFO-Link
Expressivo CONX HDMI
Serenade II Select HDMI
Virtuoso H Super II HDMI
Crescendo II LHDS HDMI
Pro Special (small diameter) CONX Che HDMI with Ethernet
B-Flat (flat cable)  
Expressivo Grande  
Power Cables Specialty Cables
Black Thunder Harmony (Subwoofer)
Blue Thunder Musicable II (Subwoofer)
Gray Lightning Symphony II (Subwoofer)
  Musicable II (Multichannel Audio)
  Symphony II (Multichannel Audio)
  Encore II (Multichannel Audio)
  Musicable II (MP3/iPod)
  Symphony II (MP3/iPod)
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