Totem Acoustics

What is the purpose of a quality Hi-Fi system over a standard box-store stereo? In one word, detail. Hi-Fi companies construct their products with the highest precision, quality products and complete attention to the smallest detail. This is Totem's mantra.

Each Model, from Element Metal, including Sttaf, Wind, Hawk to the mini but mighty Rainmaker, Mite and Dreamcatcher you can expect fine craftsmanship, superb construction and "ear" tested products from Totem. Totem has something for everyone; from a large design-series speaker that is a performing work of art to a series of stealthy in-wall complete systems. Totem even makes In-wall subwoofers, so your entire system can be void of a footprint in your room. You'll want to see and hear this wonderful combination of form and function for yourself.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Totem's official website.

Hi-Fi Series Surround
Compact Tribe Series Arro>Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher Tribe I Arro
Mite Tribe II Dreamcatcher
Mite-T Tribe III Dreamcatcher Center
Rainmaker Tribe V Storm Sub
Model-1Twin Tribe Sub Thunder Sub
Element Fire Tribe In-Wall Mask In-Wall
Element Ember Tribe Side/Center In-Wall Mask In-Ceiling
Kin Mini Tribe Sub In-Wall Tribe II
  Tribe In-Ceiling  
Columns   Sttaf>Mite
Arro Design Series Sttaf
Sttaf Mite Mite
Hawk Element Fire Mite-T Center
Forest Element Ember Mite
Forest Signature Arro Storm Sub
Wind Hawk Thunder II Sub
Element Earth Wind Mask In-Wall
Element Metal Element Earth Mask In-Ceiling
  Element Metal Tribe II
On-Wall Element Wood  
Tribe I Storm Sub Hawk>Rainmaker
Tribe II Thunder II Sub Hawk
Tribe III Tribe III Rainmaker
Tribe V Tribe V Rainmaker Center
Tribe Sub Tribe Sub Storm Sub
    Thunder II Sub
In-Wall/In-Ceiling In-Wall/In-Ceiling Mask In-Wall
Mask In-Wall Mask In-Wall Mask In-Ceiling
Mask In-Ceiling Mask In-Ceiling Tribe II
Mask Stereo Mask Stereo Tribe III
Tribe In-Wall Tribe In-Wall  
Tribe In-Ceiling Tribe In-Ceiling Forest>Model-1
Tribe Side/Center In-Wall Tribe Side/Center In-Wall Forest
Tribe Sub In-Wall Tribe Sub In-Wall Model-1
Kin In-Wall Kin In-Wall Model-1 Twin
Kin In-Ceiling Kin In-Ceiling Wind
Kin Side/Center Kin Side/Center Mask in-Wall
  Kin Sub Mask In-Ceiling
Center Channels   Tribe III
Dreamcatcher Element Series Tribe V
Mite-T Element Fire Thunder II Sub
Rainmaker Element Earth  
Model-1 Element Metal Tribe Surround
Tribe In-Wall Element Ember Tribe I
Tribe Side/Center In-Wall Element Wood Tribe II
Tribe I   Tribe III
Tribe II   Tribe V
Tribe III   Tribe Sub
Tribe V   Tribe In-Wall
Element Wood   Tribe Side/Center In-Wall
    Tribe Sub In-Wall
Sub-Woofers   Tribe In-Ceiling
Storm   Storm Sub
Thunder II   Thunder II Sub
Tribe   Mask in-Wall
Tribe In-Wall   Mask In-Ceiling
    Mask in-Wall
    Mask In-Ceiling
    Tribe I
    Tribe II
    Tribe III
    Tribe V
    Tribe Sub
    Tribe In-Wall
    Tribe In-Ceiling
    Tribe Side/Center In-Wall
    Tribe Sub In-Wall
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