Wavelength Audio

We often credit Wavelength Audio to be the first producer of USB DACs that perform properly. Previous DACs and digital formats were often criticized (rightly so) to be of lesser quality than analog sources because of "jitter". Now we have Asnynchronous USB technology, which nearly eliminates jitter from the start. Most DACs use Adaptive USB which contains much more jitter from the source and tries to be "corrected" within the DAC. This method is like letting roaches into your home so you can have them exterminated.

Wavelength didn't just stop with Asynchronous USB. They have also added a tube element to many of their DACs for added performance. The Wavelength DACs are incredible to listen to. Using a Powerbook (laptop) and a Wavelength DAC, we have been able to achieve better source content than most of our highest performing CD Players.

For further information and detailed  specifications on these products visit Wavelength's official website, or consult USBDACS for more details on these products.


USB DACs Amplifiers
Crimson USB DAC The Cardinal
Cosecant HS USB DAC The Napoleon
Brick USB DAC v3 KIR v2
Proton 24/96 USB DAC Corona 300B
WaveLink HS 24/192 USB to SPDIF Corona 50
  Corona VT52
Preamplifier Corona 6A3/6B4G
Royal Corona PX4
  Corona RE604
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