Wireworld has been a staple of our cable options for several years. To this day there is no better cable to use with Denon products. But not only Denon will benefit greatly from Wireworld performance, nearly any product will see noticeable to major improvements using Wireworld products. Power cables, speaker cables and interconnects offer a very wide spectrum of upgradability for any budget and performance level. We find that Wireworld's HDMI cables are exceptional, providing incredible performance and value.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Wireworld's 
official website.

Wireworld Model Listing 
Digital Audio Cables HDMI Cables
Nova Optical to Mini Platnum Starlight 7
Nova Optical Silver Starlight 7
Platinum Starlight 75Ω Starlight 7
Gold Starlight 7 75Ω Ultraviolet 7
Silver Starlight 7 75Ω Chroma 7
Starlight 7 75Ω Island 7
Ultraviolet 75Ω  
Chroma 75Ω USB Cables
Platinum Starlight 110Ω XLR Starlight 7 USB 3.0
Gold Starlight 7 110Ω XLR Platnum Starlight 7 USB 2.0
Starlight 7 110Ω XLR Silver Starlight 7 USB 2.0
Luna 7 110Ω XLR Starlight 7 USB 2.0
  Ultraviolet 7 USB 2.0
Interconnects (Balanced and/or RCA) Speaker Cables
Platnum Eclipse 7 Platnum Eclipse
Gold Eclipse 7 Gold Eclipse 7
Silver Eclipse 7 Silver Eclipse 7
Eclipse 7 Eclipse 7
Equinox 7 Equinox 7
Oasis 7 Oasis 7
Solstice 7 Solstice 7
Luna 7 Luna 7
Terra Stream 7
  Mini Eclipse 7 (Bi-Wire only)
Power Cables Tonearm Cables
Gold Electra 7 Platinum Eclipse 7
Silver Electra 7 Silver Eclipse 7
Electra 7 Eclipse 7
Aurora 7 Solstice 7
Stratus 7  
Power Strip Mini Jack Cables
Matrix 2 Platinum Eclipse 7
  Silver Eclipse 7
Subwoofer Cables Eclipse 7
Equinox 7 Solstice 7
Oasis 7 Luna 7
Solstice 7 iWorld
Luna 7  
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