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Audible Elegance West is now accepting used equipment for consignment. We sell used equipment by various means including at the store and the internet. Our online reputation is second to none and we often sell items in the international market for susbstantially more money. Buyers also tend to spend more for equipmpent from an established Audio Equipment dealer than a private seller. Some older, vintage stereo equipment can be quite valuable on the open market.

Please email us at info@audibleelegancewest.com with a list of items you would like to sell. We can give approximate market values. If it sounds good to you, simply bring in your stuff.

We will handle everything from photography to sale to packing and shipping to customer satisfaction. You simply get the final check. Audible Elegance West charges 40 percent commision of the final selling price. Please bring the original boxes if you have them. Having the original box is extremely helpful in shipping, insurance and actual value of the item.

Below are the criteria for the equipment we sell:
1. No Cassette Decks, except Nakamichi
2. No VCRs
3. No Compact or "All-inOne" Systems
4. Speakers without original boxes are on a case by case basis.
5. No Dual Turntables, or generic turntables. We will accept turntables on a case-by-case basis.
6. Please call first regarding CD players that are over 10 years old.
7. No CD changers
8. No homemade products
9. Original boxes and packing are very much preferred. We can deduct box and packing fees from your total if your item sells. Having the original box, remote and manual is key to getting the best price for your item. If you do not have the original box and packing for an item you wish to sell, please call first so we can determine if we can take it for you. We will not crate large items.
10. In order for us to sell your items, we must have it in our store. Sorry, emailed photographs cannot be used for listing services. It is important that all parts and accessories must be present at time of equipment acceptance including remotes and power cords. Original boxes and manuals are a plus!

Please make sure your equipment is clean and works before bringing it in for Consignment. Any equipment found with an operational defect will be charged with a $35.00 Service inspection. We will accept items of any cosmetic condition, but we reserve the right to refuse to sell any item. If an item does not successfully sell, we will return it to you. If an item is very dirty, we will include a $20.00 cleaning charge. We also offer a Pickup service, where we will pick up items from your home. Pickup Charges are determined by the number of items and their weight.


Please email info@audibleelegance.com for more details on consigning your used items.


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