Emotiva is based on "Emotional involvement with great music and film". The idea behind Emotiva is simple. High end audio began to push the boundaries of reason. Quality components were getting farther away from reality for most people, while many audiophiles and music lovers were resorting to a simple soundbar and receiver just to stay in a reasonable budget. Emotiva had a goal to erase that giant gap, and bring a high-end build quality with performance to match back to an affordable budget for everyone.

Emotiva encourages you to shop around, because they are confident that within every category: sonic and visual performance, aesthetics and design, quality and finish, they will always have the best product for the budget.

For further information and detailed specifications on these products visit Emotiva's official website.

Amplifiers Preamps/Processors
XPR-2 Stereo Reference XMC-1 A/V Pre/Pro 7.2 channel
SA-250 Stereo XSP-1 Balanced Preamp
XPA-7 Seven Channel XPS-1 Phono Preamp
XPA-1 Monoblock  
XPA-5 Five Channel DACs
XPA-2 Stereo Stealth DC-1
XPA-3 Three Channel Big Ego
XPA-200 Stereo Little Ego
XPA-100 Monoblock  
MINI-X Stereo CD Player/Transport
Fusion Flex


Phono Preamp & Passive Volume Control Speakers
SP-1 Airmotiv 6S
Control Freak Airmotiv 5S
  Airmotiv 4S
Turntables (Music Hall) Airmotiv 4B
MMF-11.1 UOM-6.2 Outdoor Monitor


UAW-6.2 In-wall
IKURA (joint with Music Hall and Ikura. Black or white.)  
MMF-5.1 SE (wood)  
MMF-5.1 LE (red)  
MMF-5.1 WH (white)  
MMF-5.1 (black)  
MMF-2.2 LE (red)  
MMF-2.2 WH (white)  
MMF-2.2 (black)  
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