The Reality of Music Systems

The most overused and misunderstood expression, is High End. To many, this simply means expensive. For some, it is a hobby of playing with widgets. While we certainly think it is wonderful that an owner has pride in ownership, it is more important to us that the system faithfully plays music. This is where Audible Elegance takes a step away from the typical "high end" approach and actively tries to make sense of it all before you even see it at our store. You see, it's not about how much it costs, it's about what it does.

We look at a music products for what they are supposed to do: Play music in a way that doesn't make a great group or performer sound like something out of a wedding reception. The fundamentals of music, rhythm, pitch, and emotion must be faithfully reproduced. This is the core difference between performers and performances. Recreating that experience through the art of stereo becomes the next central focus. Notice, nowhere did I say "expensive." You can put a gold steering wheel on a Hyndai automobile and make it terribly expensive and yet have no results when it comes to performance. Many products out there are just that: expensive Hyundais. We do not question the manufacturers decisions to use expensive parts. Frankly, we can not change what they build. What Audible Elegance does for you, is to evaluate the product for its performance and compare it to other products available on the market. That, my friends, is the concept of value in a world of competition. If it sells for more money, it better deliver.

Are magazines the answer? No. If you don't believe the local newspaper, then why trust something printed on glossy paper for $8.00 a month? Same holds even more so with online reviews where some manufacturers have gone so far is to "manufacture" wonderful reviews of their product by people who do not exist. You really need to listen to the product before you buy.

We adjust our product lines and selections to uphold the standard of quality performance. It is very rare when we depart from a product line. However, we suppor all products we have ever sold. We value long term relationships with manufacturers who know what they are doing and why they are doing it. We have great customers who appreciate this approach when buying from us.

Some believe that any music system will do. I suppose that there are times when McDonalds food is good enough. We are like a good restaurant that offers you more. Customers are free to choose the level of performance to suit their needs and budget. It is our responsibility to remove the nonsense and show you the possibilities.

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