Getting the Best Experience from a Home Theater.

What makes a home theater system from Audible Elegance different? We don't sell dream systems. We sell systems that give you dreams.

We don't think anyone dreams about having a home theater system. We do know that there are people who want the complete experience from the movie. A long time ago, there were plenty of very large screens in every city. There were also a lot of piano players who provided the music for these films called silent movies. These were all swept away and quickly replaced by talkies. Sound, you see, is critical to a good theater system. Making the experience more real was the goal. Today there are all sorts of "home theaters" and you can buy some in a box for $599. Sure, you get the content, but do you get the experience? Probably not.

You see, there is a lot that goes on to make a great theater system. A great movie does not make a home theater great. Tomlinson Holman, one of the leaders in home theater development clearly understood when he said "A home theater must play music extraordinarily well." As Cincinnati's oldest highend audio store, we understand this obligation. A home theater is more than simple "thump therapy". Millions of dollars are spent recording sounds and artists to be used in the sound track of movies. Then, care must be taken to understand the needs of the customer and to balance that with the needs of a Audible Elegance system. Miscalculations or the failure to properly advise the customer about the results of their decisions are simply not acceptable. If the customer understands and accepts the results, that is fine. We don't push customers into hasty decisions just to make a sale. Our systems are our signature. We want you to be proud of your decision. That is why we have demonstration rooms of theaters and can change systems around to help you understand the purchase before you buy it. As I like to think of it, there are plenty of great medicines out there but which one is right for you?

Audible Elegance has been recognized for its leadership in home theater. Stop in, look around. You'll see that I have spoken at the International Consumer Electronics Show 6 times and more are in the works. My staff has been doing this for over 25 years. I think we know a thing or two. It's up to you to make the trip and see.

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